Izandla NPO


Guiding and mentoring young adults to make good life decisions in order to break the cycles of poverty and broken family systems and give them hope and a future. The youth empowerment side of Izandla ZeAfrika takes on many forms and is organic, meaning it evolves as the needs of the youth in our local communities change. Currently Izandla focuses on identifying and building good, supportive relationships with young Christian guys and girls in our area. The aim is to teach them good biblical principles and help them to make the big life decisions such as ministry or study opportunities; relationships and marriage; business opportunities; good stewardship and so for forth in a way which glorifies God. Meetings between Izandla staff and youth vary from fellowship meals, prayer groups, bible study, to one-on-one contacts.

Youth Arts & Crafts

Teaching young people valuable skills such as sewing, jewelry making etc. within mentoring and accountability relationships.

Aim: to provide a safe environment for young people to learn skills while hearing about Christ and His hope for their futures.

Youth Study Bursary