Izandla NPO


The rural community of Ingwavuma has one of the highest unemployment rates in South Africa. Young people who finish their schooling have very limited options for further studies or the prospect of employment. As a result a growing number of young adults sit at home, become frustrated and disillusioned, or turn to crime.

Izandla ZeAfrika's Youth Centre was opened in 2019. At our centre we cater for young adults between the ages of 18 - 30 years and provide skills development within a holistic, Christian environment. The four areas of training currently are coffee shop management, woodwork, arts and crafts, and gardening.

The centre takes up to 20 students each year and they have the opportunity to rotate through most of these skills, focusing on their interests and abilities.

The aim of this project is to disciple young people while they receive fulltime skills training. During the year of training the students will be offered work shadowing at various restaurants and businesses, as well as holiday jobs. At the end of their training the Izandla team tries to find employment for as many students as possible. We strive to send out responsible, well-balanced young people to join South Africa's workforce, who will in turn be able to provide financially for their families and their impoverished communities of origin.

The students have the opportunity to sell their craft through various platforms and thus earn an income. The Youth Centre also has an on-site coffee shop where the students can practice their skills and display their crafts. The coffee shop is open to the public over weekends and is used for training during the week.

Youth Arts & Crafts

Teaching young people valuable skills such as sewing, jewelry making etc. within mentoring and accountability relationships.

Aim: to provide a safe environment for young people to learn skills while hearing about Christ and His hope for their futures.