One of the major reasons for starting Izandla ZeAfrika was to be able to respond to the needs of fellow Christian friends in the mission field all over Africa. One particular way to do this is through short-term medical and non-medical outreaches. Izandla is blessed to have a large network of medical friends and colleagues who are on fire for God and hungry to see His kingdom advanced in Africa. The outreach team includes medical and paramedical professionals from all over South Africa and abroad. All of the outreach team members are volunteers and they join specific Izandla outreaches as they feel God releases them to do so.

Medical outreaches take on many shapes and sizes, from helping at established clinics or hospitals, to running temporary basic primary health clinics in isolated rural communities. All of this is made possible by means of donations and the management team, in conjunction with the local Christian leaders, spend time in prayer waiting on God before decisions such as the length of an outreach, size of the team, focus of the outreach and so forth are made.

Non-medical outreaches include any Izandla outreach where healthcare is not the primary tool used to share the gospel. These types of outreaches include trips to strengthen and encourage fellow Christian workers in other mission fields, church-building trips, door-to-door ministry, church conferences and so forth.

All Izandla ZeAfrika outreaches flow out of times of deep intimacy with Jesus and are made possible as He opens doors into specific countries and communities and releases the funds to do so. As an organisation we try to not let the needs of communities dictate our actions but rather pray for God’s heart to be revealed and actions to flow thereof. By staying close to God’s heart we hope that our actions will never be reduced to mere humanitarian deeds but that we will impact lives and communities with the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ.