Izandla often hears of families in active crisis due to the sudden death of the main breadwinner, house fires or floods, chronic illnes etc. One way that we try to ease people’s burden and model the love of Christ is by providing such a family or individual with immediate material relief in the form of groceries, building material or clothes/bedding. This provides a beautiful opportunity to love people and spend time with them in prayer, asking God for breakthrough in their situation and provides an opportunity for people to commit their lives to Jesus.

Young, unwed mothers with newborns are also a major vulnerable group as they often don’t have the support of their families due to stigma or poverty. It makes such a huge difference in the young mom and infant’s life when an Izandla member can visit them either in hospital or at home and provide a newborn hamper filled with essentials to take care of the little one. We then take time to pray over the new little person as well as the mother and where possible keep contact with them to walk a road together.

To be able to continue this crucial service, sponsors can either contribute financially and specify that the money is for “material relief” or you can contribute any non-perishable foods, baby essentials or clothing/bedding. Non-perishable goods include dried beans/lentils/samp, tinned foods, porridge, peanut butter, cooking oil, dried soups, sugar etc.