Izandla recently opened a little charity shop in the Vuka Mabaso Community Centre at Mseleni as a fundraising project. The shop is open one day a week and sells pre-loved clothes, household and kitchen ware at very low cost to the community. The shop assistants are young, single mothers and all proceeds go towards the funding of other Izandla projects and outreaches.

The charity shop from the start has been a massive success as it provides an affordable shopping alternative to people living in a poverty-stricken area. There is also a voucher system where families in crises are issued with a voucher by Izandla staff and can come pick out their own goods at the shop. This ads to people’s dignity as they are not simply handed clothes that might not fit them but are able to “shop” at their own leisure and choose the items most suited to their needs.

In order for the charity shop to stay open a constant flow of donations are needed. The items are then washed, sorted and added to the shop’s stock. This is a wonderful way for communities and individuals to become involved in Izandla’s ministry as people are not always able to join an outreach or donate money, but everyone from time to time can go through their closets and donate items that have not been used in a while.

Those wanting to donate pre-loved items to our charity shop are welcome to contact us to find the easiest way of delivery.