Let go…

So let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name. -It is Well, Bethel Music

Letting go is one of the hardest things for a person to do. We are often taught the value of resilience, perseverance and inner strength by society. Society values the man who will make things work no matter what the circumstances. The man who is willing to sacrifice it all to reach his goal in life. We look up to these people, we put their faces on glossy magazine covers, we share their stories of courage and often, if we are honest, we strive to be like them. And then God calls your name, courts your heart, and asks you to let go.

“Let go and let God”. I remember writing this little slogan on cards to my best friends before each exam and really believing that even though I have not studied as hard as I should have, that God is in control and that His will is always to bring me out on top. I believed this with my whole heart and I was hungry for God, but I didn’t yet truly understand the nature and character of God. Our God is good, He lavishes love and favour on us without holding back. But God knows what we need. He sees what we are striving to be and calls us back into the inner courts and simply asks us to let go. Letting go, to me, has always hinted at the fact that we are not strong enough, good enough, intelligent enough, or “enough” to make things work on our own. To me this has always been a sign of weakness and deep down I resisted handing over control to God because “I am not weak”. But as I delve deeper into the heart of Christ and allow Him to teach me about His nature I am beginning to realise that letting go is the single most profound thing a person can do. Letting go and allowing Jesus to take the reigns and gently nudge you into the fullness of what He has intended for your life is absolutely exhilarating. One morning while soaking in God and asking Him to teach me about this I was reminded of a defining moment in my life where I had made a conscious decision to let go:

For most of my early life I was besotted with horses. There was one horse in particular who I had formed a very close relationship with and who taught me more about human nature in the years spent with him than I believe any human ever did. His name was Shaheem and he was beautiful yet unpredictable. Due to a history of abuse at the hands of his original owners Shaheem had a bold and dangerous streak within him that often left me scared and frustrated but still utterly in love with him. Well, one day after admitting to myself that I don’t think that I will ever be able to control this beast or truly trust him I made the crazy decision to face my fears and “let go”. What this meant was taking off all of his tack, riding him out into a sand track in the bushes and allowing him to run and run until he decided to stop. I will never forget that day. Complete fear and panic gripped my heart as I lost all control and simply had to focus on staying on. As Shaheem ran and ran the tears streamed down my face and fear left me completely. He did eventually stop and after that I never feared him in the same way.

God, I believe, used that moment in my life to show me a glimpse of what it means to let go no matter what the outcome. But the difference is vast. God asks us to let go because he is good, because He is faithful, and because He has the power to lead us into victory. As the above song by Bethel reminds me, Jesus commanded the storm to stop. The waves and wind know of His power and will always know His name.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s scary to lose control, and recently I have been having to hand over the reigns to God every day while setting up Izandla. But He promises to direct our paths. All we need to do is let go.

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