Humble beginnings…

“Do not despise the day of small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” Zech. 4:10 (NLT)

When God has birthed a dream inside of you it is often frustrating to prove faithful in times of small beginnings because you have seen a glimpse of what is to come. I look at a piece of land that we believe God has set apart for Izandla ZeAfrika and I see the future. I see the trees that we will plant, the buildings that will be erected, the children that are playing all around, masses gathering to praise His name. I see it all. But the time is not yet now. I am excited and frustrated all at the same time. But time belongs to God.

Times of waiting might be frustrating, but there is a special kind of relationship that exists when we choose to praise God for small beginnings and to trust him with the seemingly “little” things as He prepares the way for us to step into the fullness of His promises. Faith is not something that we are merely born with. Faith requires relationship, getting to know the heart of the Father, and following blindly as our trust in His nature and character grows. Currently, even in my frustration, I am coming to view this season of humble beginnings as a courtship between myself and the lover of my soul. God is ultimately a big picture God. He has to be since He sees it all! But I am discovering a beautifully intimate side of Him as I lay down every “little” and mundane thing at His feet. And He never fails!

Within the last month since Izandla ZeAfrica has been fully operational as a registered Non-profit Organisation, God has been so amazingly faithful! We don’t have paid staff members, our own buildings, vehicles or any of those “big” things yet. What we do have though are volunteers, little people to love, gardens to grow, walls needing coats of paint, hungry families needing nourishment; and big, big dreams. And His goodness never fails. I can honestly not recall one immediate need laid before God since the start of this organisation that He didn’t meet, and meet immediately! Be it funds, food, volunteers, paint, toys – whatever. He has provided each time. And He provides well.

“Your beginnings will seem humble, but so prosperous your future will be”. Job 8:7

I am excited when I think of the future! Yes I want to run with it all now. That is my nature. But as God cultivates a sense of patience, I am overwhelmed by His goodness and faithfulness as He chooses to be mindful of every little thing. In the meantime we will walk that land, claiming His promises and praising God in the knowledge that the seed He plants will come to fruition. We will love on all of our families, children, and the ones still to be added, trusting for their salvation and victory in this land. We will prove faithful with the little things. And one day we will look back and smile because of what God has done.

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