Izandla NPO Christof Bell

Christoff Bell

Executive Director


Medical Doctor

Izandla NPO Tarryn Bell

Tarryn Bell

Managing Director


Social Worker


Claire Willows

Occupational Therapist

Claire Willows lives at Mseleni and is an occupational therapist. She is passionate about young woman and desires for ladies to be empowered, to learn and feel how loved they are and to find their hope, joy and affirmation in Christ. Claire serves as Izandla’s administration coordinator and heads up the teenage moms’ support group.


Tammy Ayliffe

Occupational Therapist

Tammy Ayliffe is an occupational therapist residing at Mseleni. Tammy serves as the treasurer for Izandla, but also has a burning passion for young people. Her desire is for all young people to get to know the Lord as their loving father, to be freed from bondage and to impact their communities and live victoriously as Christ intended for each and every one to do. Tammy is passionate about youth empowerment and education, and is excited to share her knowledge and the word of God with young people, mothers and crèche teachers.


Zama Keswa

Occupational Therapist

Zama Keswa, an occupational therapist, lives at Mseleni and serves as Izandla’s communications coordinator. Zama is hungry for the power and presence of God. Her passions include sharing the word and love of Christ in rural communities, intercession and the breaking down of unhelpful Christian and cultural stereotypes in rural Africa. Zama feels a big burden for the lost and eagerly joins mission trips and other opportunities to share the Gospel.


Laura-Jéan Barnes

Alternate Director

Laura-Jean Barnes is a scuba diving instructor, underwater photographer and career development advisor at Coral Divers in Sodwana Bay. She is a passionate lover of Christ with a heart for intercession and community development. Laura serves as the volunteer coordinator on Izandla’s board and is responsible for linking up volunteers and donors with the organisation.


Pauline Edeling

Pauline Edeling recently moved to Sodwana Bay and is a lodge manager. Pauline has a long history with the founders of Izandla and used to work with Tarryn Bell at George Child Welfare. Pauline is hungry for the things of God and did not hesitate to join the Izandla team after she decided to move to rural Zululand. She is passionate about the prophetic, intercession and reclaiming ground in Jesus’ name. Pauline is very experienced in financial management and the running of non-profit organisations and acts as Izandla’s financial advisor.