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Here I sit, trying to think of inspiring words to enthral readers and make for a memorable first blog post. Grabbing this precious free hour as my 17-month old naps, I try to think of funny anecdotes, motivating moments and worthwhile causes to show the world that Izandla ZeAfrika is an organisation that cares. But I am tired, so very tired.

A few days ago our community lost two beautiful souls, 3 – year old Avumile and Ma Nomusa, as our local Mseleni Children’s’ Home suffered a terrible fire. Not only were these people our neighbours, but they are a part of what I believe we as the community of Mseleni stand for – hope and grace.

We all mourn in different ways. I for one am a doer. When tragedy strikes I want to get up and start moving. Thus our garage is overflowing with donations for the children’s’ home, with many more on its way, and everything in absolute chaos. And then I spend an hour trying to teach a few of our Sinethemba crèche ladies how to have a productive story time with the children and create a happy and healthy environment – only to find them napping on the job and the kiddies, having never been asked to follow any routine, completely uninterested in listening to an adult today. And then I wonder – what are we doing? Can a couple of hands and one small organisation really make a difference? And the answer is simple. No we can’t.

Human hands and human plans can never bring lasting change. But we are not called to be agents of change by ourselves. We are simply called to step out in obedience and have faith that the creator of heaven and earth, the one who gives and takes away, He can change lives forever. And He will sustain our every attempt.

So here I go! We are on an adventure of discovering God’s will for our lives. And on this journey, my loving husband and I, with the help of countless dear friends and family members, have started a Non-profit Organisation in rural Zululand – Izandla ZeAfrika (Hands of Africa).

Here we will share our fears and failures, our hopes and dreams and the reality of saying “yes” to God to be His hands and feet here on earth. We pray every day that we will not fall into the trap of worthless deeds, but that we will learn to be Kingdom minded. That in all things we will listen, wait, and follow as the Spirit leads.

We are the resistance against the evils in this world. Wrapped in the armour of God, standing on His promises, we are called to affect change, to stand in the gap, to gain ground, and to be the hands and feet of Christ for a world in need. – Suzie Larson

Love Tarryn

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